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Originally Posted by My Name is Keith
I think he did plan it - armers and bunks think it's an arm deal gone wrong - armers that he was a CIA operative. The post you've quoted is ne trying to understand what they were both getting at.

I think there might be something in the arms dealing side of things but I can't see past a premeditated planned angry at the world mass killing. And I can't see any larger organisation behind it either.
Sorry Keithers, wasn't questioning your post, was just trying to make the point it was obviously not spur of the moment arms deal gone bad etc
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Originally Posted by red red robbo
This certainly seems to be at least plausible. Would explain why the shooting stopped and then nothing happened for an hour. Were the police held back to allow THEM to make good their escape?

Who THEY are and what the hell the point of it was is beyond my reckoning. I try to limit my comment to the mechanism of these things, not the reasons behind them that's den's territory and that way madness lays.
Having all that ammo and stopping after 10 minutes doesn't make much sense. Also didn't he shoot through the wall at the security guard after stopping shooting at the crowd?

Not so sure on the arms deal theory though. Why take 10 cases up 32 floors? Got to be quicker and simpler ways.

My first thought was some kind of terminal illness diagnosis tbh.

The car containing explosives is a bit random as well.

It's fascinating NQAT.
Old 07-10-2017, 08:24 AM
red red robbo

Does any of it make sense?

If it was meant to be some sort of statement it hasn't worked very well because no one knows what that statement is. Even the f***ers that go out and shoot little children leave youtube videos as some sort of explanation.
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