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Unread 29-12-2017, 11:29 PM
Fat Al

Originally Posted by irk
No surprise as thatís the stated good guy of the ideology you subscribe to on this matter. A True believer.

IRA over Britain (anyone over britain really)
Palestinians over Jews
ETA over Spain
Remain over Brexit
Immigration over borders
Celtic over Rangers
Roma over Lazio
Barcelona over Real

Etc ad nauseum
Still can't make my mind up over that one.
Unread 29-12-2017, 11:51 PM

Originally Posted by irk
He just thinks it was a bit amateurish. Accidents happen. Kids die. Itís all cool. Done in the name of freedom you see. Altogether a different kind of murder than the other side do.

Why? Because Iím altright? Do you actually have any arguments or is it just smear by association?

Hey, why debate when you can label? Hitting people with a blind Ďismí has won many an argument before it even started, so theyíd be fools to abandon a winning formula now.

Your average left winger is an interesting species tbh; youíll rarely see them go after the substance of the point thatís been made and actually debate it. Whether thatís because they canít or theyíve become so used to employing the effective intimidation tactic of smear that they donít even bother, who knows? But itís interesting nonetheless.

With them everythingís about the messenger. Discredit and undermine the messenger and you donít have to worry about the message. Label him an idiot. Job done. Marginalise by pigeon-holing him into a maligned group. Job done. Question his moral constitution. Job done. Itís the same thing over and over and over again, and even if you tell them ahead of time what their response will be it wonít stop them from doing it. I know, Iíve done it.

One thing I know is that everyone, given the chance, would love nothing more than to take someoneís position apart line and verse using just fact. So when they donít, you can only make the assumption itís because they canít. Thereís no place in true debate for insults, screeching and labelling. Itís a tactic to shut you up, plain and simple, and people are getting mighty tired of it. This is why theyíre losing every election under the sun these days.

But hey, maybe that denoument is worth the aggravation they cause, so carry on.
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