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Unread 23-04-2007, 12:41 AM

Originally Posted by f.l.a.t.s
You need to chill out mate,it would be piss funny if they get a pen against us and miss it.
You're absolutely right. I do need to chill out. But I'm stressed like a bastard with this title run in.
Unread 23-04-2007, 12:43 AM
wonky no

Originally Posted by scousebasher
According to that we have conceded 3 and chelsea have conceded 1. For some reason it also told me how many og's we've both conceded (2 for us 1 for them)

I don't know if it's correct but that's one awesome service? How the fuck does it work? Are people sat there googling the answers or is it automatic?

I was half expecting the text to read "google it you lazy prick"
Man Utd 1 Middlesbrough 0 FT
Ronaldo pen 76

Man Utd 4 Bolton 1 FT
Park 14 , 25
Rooney 17 , 74
Speed pen 87

Middlesbrough 2 Man Utd 2 FT
Cattermole 45
Boateng 47
Rooney 23
Ronaldo pen 68

Man Utd 3 Portsmouth 0 FT
Saha pen 3
Ronaldo 10
Vidic 66

Reading 1 Man Utd 1 FT
Doyle pen 48
Ronaldo 73

Tottenham 0 Man Utd 4 FT
Ronaldo pen 45
Vidic 48
Scholes 54
Giggs 77

Man Utd 4 Watford 0 FT
Ronaldo pen 20
Doyley og 61
Larsson 70
Rooney 71

Man Utd 3 Wigan 1 FT
Ronaldo 47 , 51
Solskjaer 59
Baines pen 90

Middlesbrough 1 Man Utd 2 FT
Morrison 66
Saha pen 19
Fletcher 68
Unread 23-04-2007, 12:45 AM

The number of penalties we're awarded are due to the attacking nature of our front line.

We had similar accusations thrown around in '85 with Strachan, Olsen and Barnes getting brought down week in week out.

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Unread 23-04-2007, 12:47 AM

I think people get too caught up with 'how many pens have been given at OT' or 'how many pens have been given to Man Utd' etc etc.

If all the pens awarded to us were valid then what's the problem?

There should be more emphasis on the incorrect decisions (for or against) rather than how many are being given as it's perfectly conceivable that some teams will get fouled more in the box than other teams in a given season.
Unread 23-04-2007, 12:51 AM

Remember watching one of the old football videos from the 80s when Liverpool where having their spell and the press and fans used to moan like fuck about not getting a pen at anfield or the fact that Liverpool got more than they should.

It goes with the territory.
Unread 23-04-2007, 01:35 AM

I find Chelsea questioning us concerning refs and decisions fucking laughable considering they actually forced one into early retirement in fear for his life.
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