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Unread 28-09-2016, 04:59 PM

TNA is apparently extremely close to folding. They need to make a sale by Friday or they won't be able to fund Bound for Glory (their version of WrestleMania) on Sunday.


WWE supposedly interested in the tape library, but not interested in keeping the brand alive. Would basically be WCW all over again, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Like a cockroach, TNA has previously always found a way to survive, but this may be the end.
Unread 28-09-2016, 05:30 PM
Switching Off

Shame, was hoping Corgan would get the money. But it's been badly managed since Hogan came in. Prior to that they genuinely had something different and a willing audience.
Unread 28-09-2016, 05:39 PM
Jez Quigley

Would be very sad - I can't believe that right now I enjoy this more than anything other than Smackdown.

Broken Matt Hardy is probably my favourite character in years. His humour is fantastic and the only consolation is that surely WWE would snap him up - although if they jobbed him out to Bray I'd be livid.

Poor Damian Sandow too

I pray that the 7 deities somehow save the day, although I'd love to see Señor Benjamin taser Roman Reigns.
Unread 28-09-2016, 05:43 PM

A bit weird that they're apparently having massive cashflow problems but still able to sign Sandow and Rhodes based on those I assumed they were doing OK. Can only assume their wages are coming out of Corgan's pocket.

TNA was a genuine, decent alternative until Hogan showed up. The company then went into financial and storyline ruin and never really recovered. The A&8's storyline was an interesting rehash of the nWo angle, but once that angle faded they hardly had anything left.

Ironically, TNA is actually in a decent place right now storyline and roser wise. They're a glorified indy fed, but a good one. If they cancel Bound for Glory I don't see how they move forward with any credibility.
Unread 28-09-2016, 05:49 PM
Jez Quigley

Corgan saves the day and I swear I'll never insult Magic Cantona again.
Unread 28-09-2016, 05:58 PM

Gets me everytime

Kennedy's reactions

Unread 28-09-2016, 06:00 PM

Sad that Sting wasted so many of his final years in TNA. Could have done so much more if he'd left TNA a few years earlier, or just gone to WWE in 2006/2007. A real waste and I imagine part of him regrets it massively.
Unread 03-10-2016, 11:27 PM
Arnold Muhren

What the actual fuck?
Unread 03-10-2016, 11:40 PM

Unread 04-10-2016, 02:47 AM
waynes ear's

Is it dead yet?
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