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Unread 10-10-2010, 03:02 PM
Default Re: anyone ever suffered from depression?

Sorry to hear about your troubles. There have been at least two excellent threads on here in the last couple years which are both well worth looking up - one on depression when one of the lads was going through it and one on medication.

I'd find em for you but am shite at finding old threads - maybe some one else will help.
Unread 10-10-2010, 03:13 PM
Default Re: anyone ever suffered from depression?

I've been depressed and am probably depressed now. but over the years you acquire coping skills, and you're constantly aware of how bad BAD is, so being merely 'depressed' isn't such a biggie.

someone mentioned exercise: this isn't a glib fix, it can really work. I worked that out in my 20's, and now, when I notice things starting to going tits up, I start running (or summat) before it gets too bad. You feel you're doing something proactive, you get a chemical kick out of it, you look better, you worry less about your physical health and so on and so on.

your situation is complicated by the fact you're amidst the stages of grieving, but you'll get through it all. just have faith in yourself and don't be embarrassed to gee yourself up in the mirror. (you talking to me?).

I'll PM you about pills and other stuff, not my line of work these days but psychiatric care/being mental is the family business/trait.

Unread 10-10-2010, 03:31 PM
Default Re: anyone ever suffered from depression?

cheers for all the advice and PM's, been spending time with my family since i started the thread, and i feel in good spirits at the minute.

Not told them how im truly feeling, but i will be looking into counselling in the next few weeks, as i really do not want to get to the point that some people do.
Unread 10-10-2010, 03:33 PM
Default I'm normally unhappy

Nothing to do with chemical imbalance

Just the existence of other humans and the fact that I am obliged to interact with them
Unread 10-10-2010, 03:33 PM
Default Re: anyone ever suffered from depression?

All I'd say is there's quite a big difference (although a small margin) between being clinically depressed and down about events in your life.

The realisation that you're medically suffering from depression will come with a certain amount of realisation and you'll probably crumble a bit. If you haven't closed off yet, you're probably just down.
Unread 10-10-2010, 03:36 PM
Horst_ Bucholst
Default Re: anyone ever suffered from depression?

i was prescribed Fluoxetine a few years back took them for about six months they helped and during that time i took up running which to this day helped me beat depression..
awful thing to deal with like others have said go and see your gp they will be able to put you back on track.
Unread 10-10-2010, 03:39 PM
Default Re: anyone ever suffered from depression?

Sorry tohear about your loss. I know it's not bravado but the only advice I can offer having lost both my patents in the last few years is to feel the feelings...cry if you need to cry, laugh if you need to laugh and surround yourself with people who will help pull you through. Good luck pal
Unread 10-10-2010, 03:57 PM
Default Re: anyone ever suffered from depression?

Really sorry to hear about your dad and your own struggles.

Lots of the advice here is correct although it's much easier to say 'get out the house' and 'do some exercise' if you're not feeling depressed. You need to find things to do that you find manageable - however small.

If you feel able to go for a walk/run then great. If just getting up and having a shower and getting dressed is a struggle then you need to take smaller steps to bring yourself out of it. Try to do things you enjoy, whatever it is. It may be that you don't enjoy anything like you used to but that will return. Whether it's watching football or just forcing yourself to see mates and take your mind off things it's important to recognise and maintain whatever enthusiasm you still possess.

Go and see your GP asap. Try to determine whether you're just going through a really bad time or if you're clinically depressed. Either way there are things that can help. Therapy and medication both work but see how you do just by talking to someone initially.

Try not to wallow. It can be very tempting to spend a lot of time alone feeling depressed but by isolating yourself you'll only fuel the thought and behavioural patterns that will cause you to feel increasingly depressed.

I would also strongly recommend talking to your family. It's great that you feel able to share your feelings on here because getting them out in the open tends to be beneficial. But talking to those closest to you will help you and help them understand you better. It's not easy and it's not nice at first but being open about it and accepting your current state of mind is one step to recovering. Please don't suffer in silence.

All the best mate. Hope you work things out and start to feel better.
Unread 10-10-2010, 04:05 PM
Default Re: anyone ever suffered from depression?

treefiddy is right. share the news with those close to you.

also, if it is already that bad, treefiddy's 'tinsy steps' are gold. Force yourself out of bed, don't lie there ruminating, brush your teeth, get a shower. wash the fucking pots if you have to.

Easy to say, tough to pull off.
Unread 10-10-2010, 04:27 PM
big chief
Default Re: anyone ever suffered from depression?

Mate - tough times & I sympathise

I've struggled with depression in the past & the symptoms that you identify. I had always put it down to the stress related to my work. It is often difficult to understand whether the feeling is to do with work, personal life or wider factors, but it is often a culmination of them all.

It is like water against a stone, it slowly wears away at you. However, the fact you have identified it, you are doing the right thing and need to move it to the next stage.

Go to your GP and speak with them. They will put you in touch with the right people. Be honest. I always thought that 'talking' wouldn't do anything for me because 'I knew best'. It was enlightening - i was taught how to view situations differently etc.

Good luck fella - do it as a long term investment & it'll work out.

ps - i'm feeling the best that I have for 20years
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