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Unread 14-09-2009, 06:57 PM

There's no doubting this song's beauty.

An interesting story behind it aswell...

It was written by a guy called Eden Ahbez who was a hippy well before it became fashionable in the 60's. He wanted Cole to sing it and handed him the music/lyrics then disappeared.

Cole loved it and wanted to release it, but couldn't without Ahbez's permission, but he had no fixed address...

They eventually tracked him down living in LA under one of the L's in the Hollywood sign
Unread 14-09-2009, 07:00 PM
Jez Quigley
Thumbs up ha

that's a great story - I bet that fella could tell a story or two.

I'm not surprised that the writer was a 'character' - it's always people at the end of the bell curve who pull out the true gems.
Unread 14-09-2009, 07:05 PM
Default Queen - Don't Stop Me Now

Bet he had some stories you're right, especially with all the royalties from a number 1 hit...

Your 4th choice is the 1978 offering from the legendary Queen, from their "Jazz" album, a single that peaked (hard) at number 8 in the UK charts upon its release in 1979.

Apart from being a top driving song, why does this make the cut...?
Unread 14-09-2009, 07:09 PM
Jez Quigley
Cool 8

it only reached number 8? Jeez, the seventies were worse than I remember

This reminds me of being rogered senseless by Freddie Mercury. No of course not - it was Brian May and his Big Hair. No - but it has so many fun memories. Seeing Queen at Maine Road who just blew me away, my first big concert but for me, 2 main happy memories:

Being in the TA. I remember this being THE song we listened too whilst doing basic training up in Grantham, Lincs and loving every second of it.
I was a frresh grad and hanging around with hardcases from Salford, funny buggers from Glasgow and Liverpool and an absolute knob from Coventry -
it was a wonderful time and I loved huge amounts of being in the TA and this

Also, when I moved to Germany - I was lucky enough to meet some fantastic friends (who I am still very close to now) and this was our going out in the Altstadt, firing up singalong song. Anyone lucky enough to hit the Altstadt in Duss and finds themselves in 'Zwiebel' pub - this is the song that makes that place go mental.

On a trivial note, the 'pool table' scene in 'Shaun of the Dead' is set to this song - and I lurrve anything with Simon Pegg in it sadly enough.

A constant, happy part of the Quigger's soundtrack is this.
Unread 14-09-2009, 07:14 PM

We like trivia on here Quiggers, don't make apologies for that.

Here's some for you - it's well known in Queen mythology that Brian May didn't like this song at all. Perhaps that's why it's ended up as the jingle for The Trafford Centre...

You've certainly travelled then Jez, Germany, Libya, Miggleton....
Unread 14-09-2009, 07:21 PM
Jez Quigley
Default yeah

but anyone who waffles Anita Dobson can do one

Yeah - Quiggers has been a bit of a Dr David Banner in the past.

You've certainly travelled then Jez, Germany, Libya, Miggleton....
To be fair, despite being weird people with their medieval beliefs, unintelligible language and odd eating habits - I'll always hold the people of Miggleton in the highest regards.

Even nowadays, the occasional 'kekkul', 'hospikkul' and 'bokkul' creep out.

Now - took a gamble to go and work in Germany and ended up being sent from there to Libya. T'was never part of a master plan - you just bimble along don't you really?
Unread 14-09-2009, 07:23 PM
Default United Memories

My shoulders are going here at the Miggleton tongue! Surely the odd "chimley" pops out now and again too...

Taking time out from your music selections for a couple of minutes, tell us about your earliest memories supporting the reds...
Unread 14-09-2009, 07:27 PM
Jez Quigley
Default United!

Insane as it sounds now, I was one of those kids whose Dad took him to City one week, United the next and he let me decide.

As such, I don't have a big memory of going to United for the first time, I can't remember a time where my Dad didn't take me .

My Dad was a lorry driver based at Trafford Park and I used to go to work with him loads - so I think I was naturally leaning towards Utd. I think the key moments were:

1) Being heartbroken when Southampton beat us in the 76 final - as a 6 yrd old I was inconsolable
2) At City, when the half time results were being read out, cheering that utd were winning and some knobs having a go at me, only to back
down at the sight of my Dad
3) I remember Lou Macari scoring a winner in the last couple of minutes (no idea which game) and bursting into tears of happiness.

Those days in the 70s being with my Dad, getting chippies, bus into town, football special, game, football pink, buses home, Generation Game
Saturday Night Takeaway and the MOTD - damm, if I give my kids half as much fun as that I'll be doing well!
Unread 14-09-2009, 07:33 PM

What a world away those fond memories are and how things have changed since the match specials from Aytoun Street and the football pink to read on the way home...

Do you manage to see many games on telly over there Jez?
Unread 14-09-2009, 07:40 PM
Jez Quigley
Lightbulb every one

never miss a game on the box apart from the early Sunday games (at work) - Galaxsie Sport and on 'Showtime'.

On Saturday had the John Gregory commentary which sickened me, his reluctance to praise Darren Fletcher.

Watched United all over in recent years, on the honeymoon last year in Mauritius the CL Final, in Namibia introduced some local lads to Fred Tissue, my SA wife is constantly amazed at how people all over the world can have an opinion on United.

Even here in Libya, the Secret Service guy in our company will run up to me and give it 'Roooooney' whilst shaking his fist.

Also, a few expats are United fans with a couple of the richer, older guys going to the big games still. We gather round with our home made beer, Pringles and really get into it. Sounds sad but it's good in a different way from those halcyon days at OT. I also used to work for Barry Moorhouse at OT in 87 and 88 - used to get to see the game for free and chat to Clayton Blackmore. What a dish he was back then

We're blessed to be United fans and to be born in Manchester

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