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Unread 28-09-2010, 06:51 PM
Exclamation TIDs (4) #2 - Suedeshoes

A warm welcome TIDers to the second show of the new series.

I'm sure you'll agree that Series 4 got off to a great start last week courtesy of Grimmers and tonight I have another forumista of considerable stature for you.

He's been taking advantage of the hospitality in the green room since lunchtime - it's Suedeshoes...and here are his selections for your delectation; why not listen to them as we discuss them...

Stone Roses - Sally Cinnamon

Aphex Twin - Xtal

The Doors - LA Woman

The Coral - Put The Sun Back

Underworld - Cowgirl

Major Lazer - Can't Stop Now

Super Furry Animals - Hello Sunshine

U-Roy - Natty Rebel

Greetings squire and a warm welcome to the studio and TID Towers....
Unread 28-09-2010, 06:54 PM
Default Re: TIDs (4) #2 - Suedeshoes

Evening Bren. It's a pleasure to be here and to become a member of the exclusive TID's club.
(The Philipino midgets handing out Brandy Alexanders in the green room was a nice touch BTW).
Unread 28-09-2010, 06:59 PM
Default Stone Roses - Sally Cinnamon

We aim to please here Sueders, an exclusive club deserves such decadence...

Kicking off with your first track then, the sublime Sally Cinnamon originally released on their 1987 EP. What memories does this evoke...?

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Unread 28-09-2010, 07:02 PM
Default Re: TIDs (4) #2 - Suedeshoes

The Stone Roses were/are 'my' band. I didn't get interested in music until I was 15. It was just football before then ( I had some electro and Pink Floyd tapes from lads at school but they were only a diversion).

What started my interest was a tape a mates older brother did for us, that we copied amongst about 5 of us and devoured for months. It had 'Johnny Yen' by James, 'Here it Comes' by Stone Roses, 'April Skies' by Jesus & Marcy Chain, 'Tart Tart' by Happy Mondays, some Go-Betweens, Bodines, Chameleons, New Order, and half-a-dozen more. It made a massive impression on me and within weeks I was buying records and thinking about different shoes and haircuts.

A few weeks later a mate of mine asked me if I wanted to go a watch New Order at somewhere called the Hacienda in town. It hadn't occurred to me that I might go and watch a band and I certainly didn't know what the Hacienda was. My advantage was that my mum and dad didn't know what either New Order or the Hacienda were so off I went. I saw The Stone Roses a few weeks later.

This was the song that really did it for me. I was 15 when I heard it and straight away it was one of them moments that many of us have when we find 'our' band. I heard it on Tony the Greek's show on Piccadilly, bought a copy that weekend, went to see em 4 times over the next few months and spent the rest of the year growing out my hair and becoming a Squire/Brown clone. They were my band during my youth and I f***ing loved them. I was in just the right city, at just the right age, at just the right time.
I think I love this song just as a song without all the nostalgic attachment but I can't tell. I don't care though. I think it's perfect.
Unread 28-09-2010, 07:05 PM
Default Re: TIDs (4) #2 - Suedeshoes

So a relatively late starter in terms of getting into music seriously then Sueders...
Unread 28-09-2010, 07:09 PM
Default Re: TIDs (4) #2 - Suedeshoes

My mum and Dad wernt really into music and it wasn't played a lot at home. I was just football, football, football in my early teens, whenever I wasn't playing I was watching. Looking back I think I get into things when I can 'partcipate' so when I heard all these bands from Manchester and started going to watch em that changed things.
Unread 28-09-2010, 07:17 PM
Default Aphex Twin - Xtal

I was fortunate like yourself to grow up with The Hacienda and the wealth of Manc bands and Madchester in my formative years and the Roses gig at The Hac was one of the highlights for me

A departure of genres then for track 2, with Richard James' offering from his Selected Ambient Works 85-92 album, why does this make the list...?
Unread 28-09-2010, 07:21 PM
Default Re: Aphex Twin - Xtal

Originally Posted by Brenner
why does this make the list...?
One listen will tell you.

Dance music, raves, drugs and clubs was what I spent the early-90's doing. My earliest experiences were in the late-80's in the Thunderdome on Oldham rd which despite being the moodiest club I've ever been in was also one of the most exciting. Moved on from there to the Hacienda, then to Shellys in Stoke, then Konspiracy and then to a different place every other week.

The dance music/clubbing explosion was like punk. It's changed everything since. I'd never heard music like it and never been to places like it. Not many tunes have stood the test of time (and absence of drugs) but some belters have and this is one of the best.

I once heard him play it in a club where it was so loud people were leaving. It still managed to sound gentle to me, even though the volume was pretty brutal. I just think it's a beautiful tune. There's funk it it too and he's not given enough credit for his funk. Xtal is the opening track on his Selected Ambient Works album which is undoubtedly one of the best 10 albums of all time.

He's an intriguing artist Aphex Twin. I can't stand half of his work but the other half is amongst my favourite music of all time. I attended one of his appearances where he infamously played sanding discs and animal noises instead of records. I'm sure it was brilliant conceptual art but when you've parted with 15 nicker to hear him play music it's not the most pleasing outcome.
I've got memories of this tune going throughout my life, from dark, sweaty clubs in Rochdale to exotic beaches at sunset/sunrise, to lazy, hazy Sundays with my girl.

To show how my life has come full-circle (i.e. 'I've got old'), it's no longer a tune I hear banging in a club but the sound that wakes me every morning as the alarm on my phone. Rock-n Roll
Unread 28-09-2010, 07:26 PM
Default Re: TIDs (4) #2 - Suedeshoes

The 'Dome, Konspiracy & Shelleys were legendary, I used to frequent them all too...

I was listening to Aphex Twin recently, Alberto Balsam amongst other tracks and I find the music very atmospheric...
Unread 28-09-2010, 07:28 PM
Default Re: TIDs (4) #2 - Suedeshoes

Got to agree with you about that Roses gig at the Hacienda mate. Feb 1989. I remember reading a review in the NME the following week where the writer wrote " I can tell my grandkids I saw the Stone Roses at the Hacienda" and I thought "Me too mate".
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