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Unread 24-11-2021, 01:54 PM
Default Manchester - It's changed

Back from a quick visit to Manchester and I was amazed by just how much it has grown in the last 2 years since I was back.

So many apartments and high-rise buildings, bar and restaurants are everywhere, it's grown so much felt like a different place.

The delight from the locals with the contactless going up to 100 was evident. US has just started that seems like we are waaay behind. It was rife.

Northern quarter madness it's almost like its own city. Was packed.

Impressive pub scene though across the board cracking pints etc

Ploppy's will be back in 2022 for Mummy plops 70th
Unread 24-11-2021, 02:14 PM

Yeah, the growth has been mental.

A lot of the new high rises are funded by Asian/Russian businesses IIRC.

There was a tv series called Manctopia (and maybe a thread?) last year on the property boom.

The ones that have popped up by the Mancunian way and the A56 have come from nowhere.
Unread 24-11-2021, 02:23 PM

Welcome home
Unread 24-11-2021, 03:22 PM
waynes ear's

Originally Posted by plopborsky View Post
Northern quarter
full of c***s. Glad you fit in.
Unread 24-11-2021, 03:25 PM

Feel like Iíve been back with you
Unread 24-11-2021, 03:31 PM

Mad isn't it pal?

Did you go to Spinningfields? Manchester is like a proper city now.
Unread 24-11-2021, 03:34 PM

Hate it. I got anxious last time I drove in. f*** all places to park in the NQ, all the good spots gone. Full of c***s and venues are on their last legs.

In short

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Unread 24-11-2021, 03:40 PM
Jack Duckworth

it just feels like any other generic city now. it's lost it's character, nqat.
Unread 24-11-2021, 03:51 PM

Need to knock a graph up to show number of luxury flats vs number of absolute c***s. Spoiler : positive correlation
Unread 24-11-2021, 03:56 PM
Gypsum Fantastic

massively overrated. prefer liverpool.
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