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Old 05-02-2007, 09:20 AM
Default I've just read the updated version

Originally Posted by Fatty Boomalang
Just had this LFC fanzine piece sent to me.

Funniest thing I've read in ages !

It's On.

It needs saying loud and clear. Don't let anybody fool you. Ignore the media. They know not what they say. Ignore your fellow forumites - a bigger gang of clueless bufoons you couldn't wish to meet. Ignore the voice in your head which says "Maybe we shouldn't get carried away. Maybe we should take each game as it comes." What the fuck is that voice in your head doing trying to dampen down the optimism that you are right to hold. This is football, not real life and in football right now, you know, I know you know, that it's on.

You began to suspect it maybe on when we crusied past Bolton. You just thought, the way they're playing, something could be on here. Then Arsenal happened. And deep down you knew it was on when we got beat 6-3. You got to thinking. This season wouldn't be this weird without there being some sort of payoff. Listen to the confederacy of idiots denounce Rafa. Denounce rotation. Dismiss us against Barca and domestically. And there, deep in your bones you thought, it's on this. The Paul Mersons of the world simply don't get away with this shit. It has to be on.

Saturday, it's fair to say, the captain knew it was on. The best right back in the League knows it's on too. Dirk knows it's on. Look at him. Blonde locks bounding about as he chases every scrap, every loose ball. That's why it's on. Chasing every avenue down means it's on. Hard work means it's on and while it is on, the way it goes off is if that graft stops. That graft isn't going to stop though. Chelsea knew it was on too. It frightened them. They looked at each other and while it wasn't as momentous, as raucous as Luis Garcia's night, that fateful night, it was clear for whom it was on.

And then today. Relaxed. What more can we do? We needed Arsenal just as Arsenal need us. Like the chasing pack of a marathon these two noble runners will push each other towards the leading group. Thierry Henry last minute. United looking tired and you looked at the screen and you looked at each other and you couldn't contain it because, well, it's on isn't it? Arsenal may well think it's on as well and they may well be right. Don't dismiss them. But relax. Know that because Arsenal need us and we need Arsenal them thinking it's on can only be a good thing. The momentum's with us. It's on.
And after our wonderful point against the blue shite, grinding out a hard fought 0-0, you just know it's on. The pressure is on now. It's definitely on la.
And watching the Mancs destroy Spurs on their own patch 4-0, it didn't leave me downhearted because I know it's on. Just wait until they play a good team. It's on la, it's fucking on

Take heart and sleep well. Your last thought before you go to bed should be "we have a league to win". Your first thought in the morning as your spring out of bed is that, well, it's on.
Deluded cunts indeed
Old 05-02-2007, 03:06 PM

he is obviously on a wum

somebody needs to remind him you cant win the league on pens.
Old 05-02-2007, 03:18 PM
denis lawless

i thought groundhog day was last week
Old 05-02-2007, 03:19 PM
denis lawless

i thought groundhog day was last week .
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