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Unread 11-03-2023, 08:23 AM

Originally Posted by Dr Stranger
My point wasnít that this specific example of the right or wrong time, more that we will be playing out from the back, so we need players who can do it. We need 11 players who are comfortable receiving the ball under pressure. Martinez there - whether he should have received the ball or not - has the composure to keep it and progress the play. You canít expect to dominate the ball without it.
I agree. I am merely noting that having players who can receive the ball under pressure doesn't mean it's ok to give them the ball under pressure (and, indeed, inviting that pressure). we could easily have lost possession in a very dangerous position.

generally speaking, our passing around the back puts my heart in my mouth every time.
Unread 11-03-2023, 08:57 AM

That clip is a brilliant example of everything wrong with De Gea. He doesn’t back himself to play the lofted mid range pass over to Cas. It’s a very basic ball, and any keeper who’s half decent with their feet is playing that.

It’s almost like he’s in a hurry to get rid of it before anyone notices he’s pussied out of the pass he should make. So he plays the shortest, worst pass possible. And even when he’s put Martinez in an awful position, he doesn’t try to make up for his error to at least give him the option of a quick pass back. Doesn’t even react at all.

God he’s an awful @#%&!.
Unread 11-03-2023, 10:23 AM

It baffles me that heís got no better at playing those sorts of passes though, when he was younger he absolutely could ping it to feet under no pressure because the game wasnít about intense pressing from the front. Is the whole Ďhe has his own coachí thing basically a jobs for the boys thing that leaves him in his comfort zone and heís simply not been coached appropriately? Thatís on Utd as much as it is him as well. & if itís reflective of the situation you know ETH wants to play that way but De Gea canít so heíll be looking elsewhere - problem is Dave wonít leave while heís collecting, checks notes, £375k p/w £#%&!ing hell Utd

Might need to wait one more year and thank him for his service, no one is paying for him.
Unread 11-03-2023, 10:32 AM

His deal is up in the summer. Theyíve not taken up the additional year option

I hope he leaves.
Unread 11-03-2023, 05:14 PM
Gordon Hill

Originally Posted by atticusgrinch
It does change every 2 weeks to be fair.
That's true!
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