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Unread 23-11-2018, 11:10 PM
My Name is Heath

Originally Posted by TheKitchenSink
Fulham owner's son getting into the rasslin' business, potentially.


Tuesday Night Dynamite I'm in.
Would be great for the business.

I just hope they do something different and not be WWE lite.

‘It’s Backy Lunch - the Scottish red haired warrior woman’ etc.
Unread 24-11-2018, 10:28 AM

Initially it sounds like it's going to be spearheaded creatively by Cody and the Young Bucks, so I can't see it becoming WWE Lite. Obviously if they were to leave then it could well end up in that direction, particularly if ratings/buyrates/attendances don't match Khan's expectations.

The mistake TNA made was following the wrong WCW template. For reasons only Jeff Jarrett can explain they decided to keep going with the abysmal late-WCW era template, mixed with a little ECW and modern WWE. They did have a decent formula around 2005-2007 but they had such rinky-dink production values compared to WWE that it never seemed like a genuine threat. I enjoyed watching Impact around that time period but it always felt amateur compared to WWE, even if the show was, imo at least, objectively better a lot of time.

If there's one thing AEW needs to get right it's production. Make it feel like a big show. WCW did a great job when Nitro first started of making it feel on par if not even better than Raw in terms of production. If AEW can get that right from the word go then they might be able to gain some traction.

If they want to capture a mainstream audience then the product can't just be an American NJPW. Different cultures with different expectations. If they can find a way to mix NJPW, early Nitro and NXT into a cohesive show then I think that would be the best way forward. A genuine alternative with hints of familiarity.

Oh, and don't hire Russo.
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