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Unread 12-01-2021, 07:02 PM
red in cumbria

Originally Posted by Jethro View Post
History of the Eagles - Rivals is one of my favourite podcasts currently and the new episodes are on The Eagles, so I had to watch this again. On a rewatch it's possibly the most calculated music documentary ever made. Every line must have been signed off by the band, but it's kind of funny and the music is still superb even if they became colossal dickheads.

Also Bernie Leadon is one of the most chill and underrated musicians of the 70s. Team Bernie.

Also also. Meisner is such a lovely bloke. Poor sod having to deal with two tyrants.
Reminded of how much Grimmers hated them. Really, REALLY hated them
Unread 12-01-2021, 07:13 PM

Originally Posted by red in cumbria View Post
Reminded of how much Grimmers hated them. Really, REALLY hated them
Very easy band to hate. Was the same up till about 18 months ago.
Unread 13-01-2021, 07:19 AM

Watched Dead Mans Shoes again last night. Forgot how shonky some of the acting was, particularly Stretch. Still a very good revenge film though. Paddy Considine is cool.
Unread 13-01-2021, 08:12 AM

Originally Posted by Cream View Post
I think I saw that one, quite recent and has famous actors in? At the beginning they get bad news about the weather?

Theyíre all crazy these climbers. Fair play to them.
Don't remember any actors, but seen so many of these they start to blend.

Main focus is on an Irish climber

Unread 13-01-2021, 11:18 AM

Originally Posted by shenwen View Post
Don't remember any actors, but seen so many of these they start to blend.

Main focus is on an Irish climber

Definitely not the same one Iím thinking of. But the trailer looks familiar.

Iím bloody snow blind!
Unread 14-01-2021, 09:48 AM

Bill and Ted Face the Music

Really enjoyed it...

Watched it Monday and my lad has watched it every day since

But fair f***s to Keanu Reeves if he didnít have his looks his acting career would have been f***ed and Bill (forgot the lads name) must be well pissed off he wasnít the one that made it big
Unread 14-01-2021, 10:05 AM

Marshland - Spanish True Detective clone that came out the same year. Two cops who are the antitheses of one another discover a small town conspiracy in the Marshland in rural Spain. Pretty good and very stylish.

Red Heat - The opening is one of the most homoerotic scenes of the 80s outside Cruising. Forgot how much of an awkward buddy cop film it is.
Unread Yesterday, 02:20 AM

News of the World, new Paul Greengrass directed Tom Hanks yarn. Been looking forward to it as it features a child actress, Helena Zengel who was pretty amazing in a movie called Systemsprenger. Her role isn't as meaty in this as a twice orphaned child raised by native Americans and falls upon Hanks who is tasked with returning her to surviving family.

It's a simple American civil war era story, reminded me a bit of The Road but nowhere near as depressing. Being a Tom Hanks movie it of course has a happy wholesome ending. Great cinematography too.


Unread Yesterday, 07:44 PM

First Class - Arguably the best Xmen film

This is a great scene and s they should have given him the James Bond gig after this

Should have also given Magneto his own film where all he does is hunt down Nazis in South America

Eric Bond
Unread Yesterday, 09:44 PM
Switching Off

News of the Wrld.

Love and Monsters. Giant insects have taken over the world and humans live in small colonies underground. Lad has to travel 85 miles to reconnect with his girlfriend. Entertaining and fun, ok for older kids. Will never watch again.
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