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Unread 17-05-2019, 11:45 AM

Me and my brothers have found a way round this pesky women having their own rights business.

Unread 17-05-2019, 01:19 PM

Adding the exception for rape and incest could negate the argument that the baby in the womb is a person, she argued.

“The biggest thing to attack it with is to say, ‘What, you’re not going to include rape and incest?’” Collins said. “Well, how do we say, ‘The baby inside is a person unless they’re conceived in rape or incest’? If that amendment was to get on the bill, then I’ll kill the bill because it won’t go to the Supreme Court. It will contradict itself.
you don't have to exclude the concept of the baby as a person. you could just have competing rights (the mother's right to her mental health, for example). if a kind "mother" decided that, although she had been raped, she did not blame the child and wanted to keep it.... then, if she were killed by a drunk driver, you could still have a double homicide. because the baby would still be a person. if her own health or mental health were at risk, because the concept of carrying a rapist's baby was too awful, the baby could still be a person, but that shouldn't drive her to suicide (murder/suicide, obvs).

not saying that's how I'd frame it, but still....

if the mother shot her rapist to prevent her rape, she wouldn't have to show he wasn't a person to get off a murder charge.
Unread 17-05-2019, 02:00 PM

I might have a bit more sympathy with the so called 'moral' objections if the very people who do all the shouting about it were not so quick to support going around killing fully formed people, including children, at the drop of hat

Come back when you've stopped supporting killing people and we migth discuss it, otherwise just fuck off. Womans right to choose
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