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Decent book including that story:


Generations of snow-bound Arctic Circle people, including the Inuit, have been protecting their eyes from snow blindness for over 4,000 years with snow goggles. These snow goggles’ protect the eyes from the harmful ultraviolet light that gets amplified after getting reflected off the whiteness of the snowy landscape within the Arctic Circle. Just as bright and sunny days could damage a person’s eyes, even the diffuse light on cloudy days can be equally dangerous.


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Default Burma /Myanmar , 1986

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Default Navajo Baby, 1930

Cradleboards are traditional protective baby-carriers used by many indigenous cultures in North America and throughout northern Scandinavia amongst the Sámi.

Cradleboards are used for the first few months of an infant’s life, when a portable carrier for the baby is a necessity.

The inside of the cradleboard is padded with a lining of fresh plant fibres, such as sphagnum moss, cattail down, or shredded bark from juniper or cliffrose. The lining serves as a disposable diaper, although the Navajo could clean and reuse the lining made of shredded juniper or cliffrose bark. These plant fibres have antiseptic properties, and thus nurture healthy skin in the infant. The Chippewa tradition was to make a lining for the cradleboard usually from moss growing in cranberry marshes, which is smoked over a fire to kill insects, then rubbed and pulled to soften it. In cold weather, the infant’s feet may be wrapped in rabbit skin with the fur facing inward. The moss lining is surrounded by a birch bark tray insert placed into the cradleboard, which could be removed for cleaning.
Unread 02-12-2021, 01:13 PM
Default 1960s NYC

These pictures were taken by James Jowers, an American street photographer. Jowers began receiving training in photography and darkroom techniques while serving in the United States Army. While working the night shift as a porter at St. Luke's Hospital, he would spend his free time during the day roaming the streets of his Lower East Side neighborhood and the rest of Manhattan, capturing a gritty, funny, and idiosyncratic view of the city.

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What jumps out at me from those great photos of 1960's NY is...food.

Food, by excess or process, has turned America in to a waddling health time bomb over the last few decades.

All those svelte and lithe bodies back then.
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Default Ice fountain, Detroit, c1910

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red red robbo

Water fountain my arse, it's a giant snow c**k 'n' balls
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The Stella Fella

Originally Posted by red red robbo View Post
Water fountain my arse, it's a giant snow c**k 'n' balls
Impressive erection that!
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