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Unread 02-04-2007, 11:56 AM
antonin jablonsky

Originally Posted by BryanRobson'sLiver
It says something about men having long hair being killed and women having short hair being killed dunnit? And that women should remain silent in church yet I saw that evil old bird to arranges the pickets singing.
Blokes aren't allowed to trim their hair or beards, punishable by death.
Unread 02-04-2007, 12:30 PM

Originally Posted by MakeBelieve
God Hates Your Queen & Land! God hates your filthy Queen, Many large lies weíve seen, fall from her lips! She caused the troops to die, Her pomp is just a lie, Her diplomats are filthy fags; Now God hates your Queen! God sent the latent foe, And the assassinís blow, God hates your Queen! To her Godís finger points, Heíll break your British joints, Your filthy mother is your pomp, Now God hates your Queen! Your royal w****s abound God will not hear a sound Of your false prayers He sent Iran to you With you Ė Heíll let them do Whatever punishment Heís planned Now God hates your land!
Englandís Favorite Military Song (Sing to Gary Owens UK Military Song) Well, you told all the buggers to Come on in Then you fussed and you fumed when we Called it a sin Now you stand and you scratch Your feces crusted chin And wonder why God killed Your soldiers again They are all gone to hell, and you Know itís the truth But you mock and decry how we Have no real proof And you look to the Bible and call It a spoof Youíll know we are right when God smashes your tooth (Chorus) God hates, He hates, God hates Your troops God hates, He hates, God hates Your troops You laugh and mock at this plain Simple truth But soon He is coming then youíll Have your proof
I find that whole section utterly shocking

In fact, I'm fuming

I've got the right mind to send them this link

Grammar abusing c***s
Unread 02-04-2007, 01:39 PM

You just know gramps has f***ed all his kids and grandkids with his index finger.
Unread 02-04-2007, 01:48 PM
Fuzzy Dunlop

You'd think by now some one would have shot them. Nobody would genuinely be angry about it either.
Unread 02-04-2007, 01:48 PM
The Real Roxanne

It's quite some feat to recreate God in the image of a thirteen-year-old Goth girl from Cheshire.
Unread 02-04-2007, 02:45 PM

God hates Graeme Le Saux.

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