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Unread 26-07-2007, 09:26 PM
Exclamation Tissue Island Discs #10 - Elephantstone

Good Evening fella's and welcome to tonight's helping of TID's.

Apologies to you and tonight's guest, Elephantstone, for last week's no show, due to work commitments.

Let's get straight on with it then, here are Elephantstone's 8 most memorable tunes he would like to take with him to Tissue Island.....

These aren’t necessarily my favourite songs but with being stuck on a desert Island I will want to bring some tunes with me that will evoke certain memories of places, people and times. These tunes all have their places etched in my memories of distant voices, times, emotions and people who have been in and out of my life.

1) There is a light that never goes out - The Smiths
A timeless classic its has everything – love, death, fear, rejection, anxiety, suicide….. 'Oh God! My chance has come at last', but then a strange fear gripped me and I just couldn't ask." I’m sure there are many on here have sat through this scenario thinking they should have acted on impulse with a chick.

2) Come Dancing – The kinks
A great song which evokes happy memories. The Kinks were one of my favourite bands when I was growing up.This is a really catchy tune with great lyrics and storyline of watching his older sister making here way through life and love……"I was the guy that would
end up blowing all his wages for the week All for a cuddle and a peck on the cheek"

3) And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind – Elvis
A great tune written by neil Diamond but performed by The King. Like many other songs he took and made his own.This was recorded in his real Golden period of 1969 when Elvis was spiritually fit and healthy. His voice coupled with the lyrics are just amazing. This song is very special to me in more ways than one

4) Sunday Morning Coming Down - Johnny Cash
This is a great tune written by Kris kristofferson but suits Johnny Cash’s more gravely voice and persona. I had many Sunday mornings coming down…..it could have been written any day for me. Thankfully I stopped drinking nearly 12 years ago

5) Redemption Song - The Chieftains featuring Ziggy Marley
I love the arrangement on this tune fusing Reggae/folk with traditional Irish. I’m a big fan of Irish folk/trad and this song compliments both. Written by Bob Marley it has been covered by loads of artists including Johnny Cash, Sinead O’Connor, Christy Moore, U2 and I have heard Ian Brown has recorded a version but I am yet to hear it.

6) Bizarre love triangle – Frente
I stumbled on this tune by accident a few years ago I obviously heard and loved the original by New Order but this version by Frente is just excellent. I love the gentle acoustic feel to the tune. This was probably New Orders best song …."every time i think of you i get a shock right through into a bolt of blue it’s no problem of mine but it’s a problem i find ...living a life I cant leave behind". Lyrically brilliant.

7) Geno – Dexys Midnight Runners

Geno Geno Geno Geno This was the first record I bought way back in days of 1980 great intro, great beat woah Geno.A tribute to Geno Washington of the Ram Jam Ban. I was only 9 and just started getting into music. There was a black girl who lived next door and we used to bring the empty pop bottles back to buy the singles from Sifters

8) 'Sweet, Sweet Spirit' – JD Sumner and The Stamps.
These were Elvis’s backing bandfrom about 71 onwards and during concerts he would take a breather whilst they sang this Gospel song. I don’t know if he wrote this song but he is accredited with writing 700 Gospel songs! And he recorded the lowest ever recorded note. This is a real moving tune which reminds me of my own immortality.

Good evening Elephant, and welcome to the studio.

Quite a diverse list of tracks as usual on TID's, so let's start off with your first choice, the 1986 Morrisey/Marr track from the Queen Is Dead LP, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, which coincidentally was not actually released as a single until 1992.

Did you ever see the band live?
Unread 26-07-2007, 09:30 PM
Default I already

like this one best.

come on, lad.
Unread 26-07-2007, 09:31 PM
Default welcome all and thanks for having me

no I never saw them live I have saw Mozzer loads of times but when they split up in 87 I was 16 and bang into going to away games which took precedent. I just left school and all the money I had would go to getting to the aways. Shame really as they provided the soundtrack to my early teenage years and they were the first band to have a profound effect on me
Unread 26-07-2007, 09:32 PM

Originally Posted by jem
like this one best.

come on, lad.
thanks Jem
Unread 26-07-2007, 09:36 PM

I'm the same age as you and I'm privileged to have seen them aged 16 (in 1986) at GMEX for the Festival Of The 10th Summer. It was a celebration of Manchester bands of the time to commemorate the year GMEX officially opened

Is it the stand out Smith's track for you, or is it in your list for other reasons?
Unread 26-07-2007, 09:42 PM

yes I remember the festival the happy mondays played as well I should have gone really but such as life.

There is a light is just a brillant track, it can have so many different meanings to so many people. When the Queen is dead was released I played that song to death and had to fall back into love with it again. At the time it came out it wasnt long later that they split up and it just added to the whole romance of the song and the band.

It is the ultimate love song
Unread 26-07-2007, 09:48 PM

Moving on to your next choice, 1983's quirky Kinks track Come Dancing from their State Of Confusion album.

The song is a great story as you've pointed out. Why did this track make the list instaed of the likes of Lola, All Day And All Of The Night or say, You Really Got Me...?
Unread 26-07-2007, 09:59 PM

The Kinks were a great band and not only the tracks you listed they had some great tunes like Autumn Almanac, dedicated follower of fashion, Victoria etc but that one stands out because of the storyline and the beat/tune of the song.......he tells his story of a kid watching his sister growing up and the demise of his the surroundings making way for supermarkets etc.

There is a great line......The day they knocked down the palais
Part of my childhood died, just died.
I felt like that when they knocked down the Concorde picture house on Kingsway.

You a fan Brenner ?
Unread 26-07-2007, 10:07 PM

I like the Kinks mate yes - but mainly their stuff from the 60's and 70's tbh.

Choice number 3 is And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind, another song written by the legendary Neil Diamond in 1968, as you've already mentioned.

Can you expand on why The King's version of the track is so special to you....
Unread 26-07-2007, 10:22 PM

I love this song lyrically it is brilliant and having seen Neil Diamond sing it live he just didnt do it justice. Paul Simon said after he heard Elvis sing bridge over troubled water he felt like he could never sing it without doing it the justice that Elvis did to it.

This was Elvis's golden period musically, this song was taken from the Memphis sessions he recorded in 68/69 a lot of folk said he had shot it and with the shite films he did it wasnt surprising but he bounced back with the best part of his catalogue of songs.....it was like he was reborn

They reckon the first day he went into Chips Momans studio he could have recorded enogh songs to do 3 albums! He was laying tracks down in one go.

With this song it has such a spiritual, loving and uplifting song.

I had it as my wedding song and folk loved it. I had buried my dad 2 days before and when I hear it, it can sadden me but If I was going on a desert island this track would be with me
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