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Unread 27-01-2018, 04:28 PM

Originally Posted by no fun
Anyone who went to this game. http://www.skysports.com/football/ol...man-utd/275908 Will recall it was bastard freezing

Ice station zebra indeed
Any given Saturday, pal. I've got a friend who's an Oldham fan and he's wrapped up like Captain Scott every game.
Unread 27-01-2018, 10:12 PM

Palace v United April 71

Originally Posted by thatsfuctit
Red Army visits scenic York

Originally Posted by thatsfuctit

Unread 28-01-2018, 07:04 AM
Denis Irwell

Cracking interview with Gordon Hill (last one) comes across well and some great memories

I nutmegged Norman Hunter and I knew Id annoyed him because (? One of their players ?) came up to me and told me. After that, Norman followed me round telling me he was going to break my legs
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Originally Posted by no fun
Told this before, but my funniest/scariest moment came at the fa cup semi replay at Goodson v Liverpool in 1979 ( 1- 0, greenhoff)

Had arranged to meet 2 mates in the royal pub in wythenshawe about half five then drive over to dippersville, just before we set off a lad in the pub who was a bit older than us, but we knew just on nodding terms asked if he could come along...he had no ticket but would either jib in or get a ticket outside...his name was Les

Get to the game, park up about a mile from the ground, moody as f***, scousers everywhere looking for us, we just kept our heads down and got to our end, Les got a ticket face value and in we go

Anyway, greenhoff wins it for us and its wembley here we come

Outside the ground its very nasty, the 4 of us say stick together, say f*** all and get to the car ASAP

Doing ok until about 100 yards from the car, gang of mickeys on the corner see the 4 of us and sends ove this nipper, aged about 12, who asks got the time on yer, la?

Hes waiting to hear our accents, but before any of us responds, Les volleys him in the balls, then starts to stamp all over him. The scouse gang across the road cant believe what theyve just seen, so it delays them chasing us...we are off like usain bolt, me and a mate ended up lying in this back garden scared to breathe

About an hour later we make our way back to the car, Les is waiting for us

We ask why the f*** he had just battered a 12 year old, he replies little c*** was trying to suss us out, if hes old enough for that hes old enough for a kicking...no c*** does that to me

We decided not to debate his viewpoint, which is just as well because when we recounted this tale in the pub the following weekend it turns out Les was a f***ing loon who had periodic mental health episodes and hadnt long been out of Risley

Still laugh when I picture that little scouser getting booted in the knackers, but it could have been bad news for us if we had been caught
Laughed so hard at this earlier that I woke the wife up.

Got the Keane face when I explained what was so funny.
Unread 05-10-2018, 12:44 PM

very interesting for watching. I am not so much familar with the story of Manchester United
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