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Unread 11-07-2022, 02:48 PM

Originally Posted by My Name is Heath

Hi many people make an effort to think on things like movies.

“Oooh, what was he in? That film on the Moon. Let me Google it”

Nobody stews over things any more. It’s instant answers.

*Dodgy territory alert*

Claxon blares

Gabon had the 2nd lowest IQ in the world. Some South Africans have tiny IQs.

You have to build a society that allows these people to live, work, exist - so you need to plan an economy for a few million of relatively useless people.

Swamp insurance admin. Window tax collectors. Lawyers etc.

Good job NIGERIAN population isn’t booming and there’s an Islam/Christianity war brewing in that failing state with good oil reserves and a load of low IQ foot soldiers hey?

Also - I believe the US military did studies which showed that anyone with an IQ of less than 80 is a detriment to your own side and not worth drafting in a modern army beyond cannon fodder.

Serious challenge to governments indeed, although the UK cunningly often employ them as MPs.
McNamara's Folly: The Use of Low-IQ Troops in the Vietnam War
Unread 11-07-2022, 02:54 PM
Bunker Buster

The UK military also use the Barb test, which is very loosely IQ based, teamed with GCSE results you are steered towards a role from recruitment....
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