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  1. elhombre
    26-04-2013 04:33 PM
    You fucking love motorsport.

    I've seen the pictures of you in 1988 - Transit Van, on the grass at the grand prix at Silverstone, MANSELL Union jack flag on the windscreen. Playing AC/DC and Iron Maiden... You there in your freebie CHAMPION spark plugs t-shirt, bermuda shorts and hi-tec silver shadows. On leave from the army... You Diddy Donaldson, Scottish Trevor, Coxeh and Jonsey. Got the over-night ferry to Zebrugge and went watching grass-track racing in Holland.

    Bloody loves motorsport, does our Bunks.
  2. Bunker Buster
    26-04-2013 04:26 PM
    Bunker Buster
    I fucking hate motorsport

    I'm off today, I have been all week, only work 4 in 10 days, only 2 this week....
  3. elhombre
    26-04-2013 04:14 PM
    It's you're.

    i'm not always on here. My browser's minimised, but i'm still logged in.

    Quit breaking my balls.

    How's your working day been, Bunks?

    "Two LDV Box vans and an ERF - both faulty clutches. 'appens a lot on the bigger rigs.
    Got back to the yard, read autotrader, listened to a bit of Picadilly Magic 1152AM, 'ad me cheese butties and me brew in my complimentary CASTROL GTX mug and played darts with Sid and Barry till we had an early get off... Off to Donnington Park this weekend for magic of motorsport weekend - shook Jason Plato's hand last year and blagged a few Dunlop umbrelloh..."

    Fucking awesome, you. Love you, yeah?

  4. Bunker Buster
    26-04-2013 03:40 PM
    Bunker Buster
    Put more effort in at work / studies
    Your always on here
  5. Bunker Buster
    24-03-2013 05:52 PM
    Bunker Buster
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