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Originally Posted by suedeshoes View Post
Agree with Wolf Hall. Tried twice. Every c*** seems to have the same name.

The Dice Man.
On the Road.
Once you realise everyone on earth is called Thomas its fine. I loved it, me.

Anna Karenina is overrated AF. Half the books about irrigation techniques ffs.
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If this thread doesn't bring Grimmers back
Old 28-09-2017, 09:25 PM
Harri Jaffa

Originally Posted by Bunker Buster View Post
Angels a demons

He jumps from a helicopter into a shop awning and lives

f*** me I know - But it's so close to the end you might as well finish it

There is like 4 pages that are quite interesting mind
Old 28-09-2017, 09:32 PM

Outliers. Just a few hundred statements of the obvious. Id expected something life-changing.
Old 28-09-2017, 09:36 PM
goldfinger II

Originally Posted by Chris Quayd View Post
Anything by Howard Jacobsen, tried multiple times to get into it but it feels condescending/bland.

Going to be controversial but Slaughterhouse 5, a very poor mans Catch 22.
Wouldn't disagree with that. Read it after Cat's Cradle, which I loved, but was disappointed. Ditto Breakfast of Champions.

Heart of Darkness [see overrated films thread]

At the risk of coming across as a massive philistine, The Iliad/Odyssey. All of the characters were like annoying, overgrown children. The battle scenes were spectacularly dull - pages of mostly random characters introduced and killed in a line or two. 'Twas no Game of Thrones . No doubt there was an amount of meaningful content there, but I just didn't notice it. Can't help but suspect it gets too much credit for being both old and epic.

Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. Well enough articulated but crammed full of platitudes. For his meditations to have any credit, it must be assumed he was the first to think of them. I would doubt that. Also repeats himself a lot. Basically, an old man telling you to just be yourself and don't borrow money, over and over.
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Originally Posted by goldfinger II View Post
Meditations of Marcus Aurelius
> trump's twitter feed.
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Whip Hubley

Anything by Martin Amis. Nailed on he's Jems favorite author.
Old 28-09-2017, 09:54 PM

catcher in the rye is salinger's born in the usa. Everything else he did was better but that was the one that every one bought and will be what he's known for forever.
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Originally Posted by Whip Hubley View Post
Anything by Martin Amis. Nailed on he's Jems favorite author.
nope. don't make everything about me, eh?
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