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Old 11-06-2017, 10:48 PM
Default Gabriel Heinze

"We lost a game and I went in the dressing room first and Roy Keane was second. I liked to go first after the game; I didn’t want to speak to anyone as we lost."

"I didn’t understand English, just the bad words. I heard my name and “f*** off” by Roy Keane, the best player. I knew that was bad so I stood up to him, this idol of Manchester, this great guy who everyone loved and replied “f*** off, you”. I don’t remember what happened next."

“Did he punch you? Knock you out?”

“Yes. Yes.”

“I don’t have many regrets from my career as a footballer, but that episode with Ferguson [has] to be one of them, i’m impulsive and strong-willed and this has got me into trouble at times, which was the case when I left United. I spent three years in Manchester and had some great moments and I regret it [leaving the club] a lot. There are a lot of things I regret from the last months but I am a strong personality, Sir Alex is a strong personality. I took the decision and, looking back, I regret it because it meant leaving a great club and their supporters. I was aware of the rivalry [with Liverpool], I knew the risk of going from Manchester to Liverpool and what it means. I hope it doesn’t tarnish the way they [the supporters] see me and they will remember the three years I had in the team.”
Old 11-06-2017, 10:49 PM
Switching Off

Cracking player, loved him when he was here. Then Mad Pat rocked up
Old 11-06-2017, 10:51 PM

How many teammates did Keane beat up in his time at Utd?
Old 11-06-2017, 11:24 PM

Never really like him tbh.

Was too slow, made the QE2 look agile and was awful going forwards.

Pat put him to shame.
Old 11-06-2017, 11:50 PM

"Yes. Yes."

Old 12-06-2017, 12:00 AM

Used to hate when he'd stand still then swing his foot like a golf club to shank it down the touch line.

Superb tackle on Morientes.

Awful crosser.

The Liverpool thing was odd.
Old 12-06-2017, 12:57 AM

That knee injury seemed to age him about ten years.

Rat c***. Delighted to hear Keano sparked him. Less delighted to hear he thinks he might still be well regarded at United.
Old 12-06-2017, 05:03 AM

Played like a drunk on a bouncing castle. Only stood out because everyone else was playing like blouses.

A rat bastard iirc
Old 12-06-2017, 06:29 AM
Whip Hubley

Originally Posted by S/Side.Red
That knee injury seemed to age him about ten years.

Rat c***. Delighted to hear Keano sparked him. Less delighted to hear he thinks he might still be well regarded at United.

Like a f***ing clown on roller skates. Milan away showed up his actual defensive qualities (I.e. None)

f*** off eh gabby. Thanks for putting yourself about a bit?
Old 12-06-2017, 06:45 AM

was great that first year ..won player of the year aswell .. the injury killed him
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