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Cardinal Langley away in 87. Hit the bar with a header that would've given me a perfect hat-trick and we lost 3-2.
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Ecco The Dolphin
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Bunker Buster

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Arnold Muhren

No Man's Sky is definitely a recent one. Tried to convince myself it wasn't actually shit for at least two weeks after launch and then the realisation that it was just blowing up rocks time after time sunk in. Apparently theres loads more stuff to do now but f***ed if I can be arsed looking to find out. Too engrossed in Battlefield 1.
Doom 3 was a bit shit.
Some of the 80's Spectrum arcade conversions were a bit **** as well.
Old 08-02-2017, 09:04 PM

Originally Posted by sa7
GTA 4.

Felt like it didn't have the soul of the rest of the series. Not a world in which I could lose myself.

Technically speaking, it's a great game. But it just fell down on the intangibles.
I'm a bit like this with the latest one tbh. I know most love it but it just didn't meet expectations for me. I can barely bring myself to complete the main story. If I ever turn it on these days it's usually just to play the stunt racing online. RDD is still the best thing R* has ever done.
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No man's sky goes without saying.

But the one that pissed me off most was final fantasy.
I am not a fan of japanese fantasy. It looks like demented horseshit.

Actually HATED fallout 3. But 4 is the greatest game made.
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Over rated and costs a fortune
Old 08-02-2017, 09:43 PM
Chris Quayd

Zelda, was the most hyped game of the 90's
Old 08-02-2017, 09:54 PM
Why Don?

Loving MGS V.

Most disappointing probably Falcon 4.0 because it wouldn't run properly on anything that you could buy in 1998.

On behalf of my stepson...Mass effect 3

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no fun

Originally Posted by HarkNowHear

Over rated and costs a fortune

You weren't...

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