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Default Re: Pro Evo 2011

Latest build:

For the first half hour, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is probably the most frustrating football game we've ever played.

There's a lot to get your head around here: Konami says that all computer assistance has been removed - implying that lazy button presses won't cut the mustard anymore.

The fact that Konami's latest offering is so difficult to begin with, however, is actually testament to its new direction. New PES isn't pedantic but it's no pushover, either. If you start to show signs of slacking it'll embarrass you.

The real key to success seems to be finding the perfect weight to each pass, cross, shot and through ball (mapped on the A, B, X and Y buttons as usual). Indeed, picking the right power for a ball is actually far more crucial than hitting the precise direction you want - as there's very little compensation given.

The power gauge - which previously only really came into play when shooting - is applied to pretty much everything and demands attention. Passing in particular feels much more analogue; if you're playing a game of quick short passes you can still just tap A, and the ball will flit from player to player as long as you have the general direction right. Hit the ball any further than a couple of feet, however, and you get the feeling it really could settle on any one of the many inches of turf between you and your selected team-mate.

You'll find yourself hitting passes just too short, too long or slightly off course while you get a feel of the game. It's doesn't always mean you'll lose possession - but it does mean you'll constantly find yourself having to work harder to rectify mistakes.

The power bar also allows for some more-or-less manual through-balls, an area of the game that becomes all the more satisfying as a result. Slicing the opposition in two with a killer pass is all down to your own timing and judgement now. Heck, we'll say it: Hardcore football fans rejoice; the improved PES mechanic kind of exposes FIFA as a bit of a hand-holder when it comes to the through ball.

The panache of the power gauge doesn't quite translate to taking a shot, however. Hold X for any longer than a micro-second and you're very likely to hit row X.

Settling back into PES took our early games to almost farcical levels - with panicked six yard howlers far too common.

More generally, PES has had a visual boost both in terms of rendering and animation. A few new camera angles are a nice touch - if only superficial - and some incredible player likeness adds a greater sense of authenticity.

The real-time animations seem more sophisticated as well. For the first time we can remember in the series, players aren't so robotic - turns and subtle movements are more detailed, making the whole thing feel much more fluid.

This is perhaps more important than you'd first realise; the lifelike movement of team-mates and opponents giving PES's claim to be a true 'sim' a massive boost. A major criticism levelled at previous PES titles in comparison to 'the competition', it's an immediately apparent improvement on what's come before - and one the series has been crying out for.

Obviously PES 2011 still maintains a fair number of the series' classic hallmarks (read: quirky flaws).

Team-mate AI shows some silliness. It's smart enough for the most part, but often computer controlled players seem to lack any real vision, ambling along while you're frantically holding up play waiting for them to make a run.

Keepers are as erratic as ever; they'll make spectacular last minute saves from every angle, which really ramps up the tension when you're under the kosh in the dying minutes. Blast a ball straight at them, however, and they're more likely to crumble in a heap of quivering panic.

Scrambles in the box still leave them brain dead - as if they picked up a lobotomy at half time instead of an orange. (It's worth noting that Konami's told us keepers are likely to improve in the final build - which is music to our ears, if not our egos).

That's probably the one thing holding PES 2011 back in its shiny new simulation station. The physics are there - and, finally, 'next-gen' - but the AI still has to be taken up a notch on the smart scale to match.

Luckily, Konami merely requires a case of a quick motivational team talk rather than a complete tactical overhaul to sort it out - and we're hopeful that there's more than enough time before release to tinker.

Will PES 2011 take the top spot from FIFA? Probably not - but having shown a major leap from what we saw last year, it seems the real pressure is, for once, on EA's team, rather than Seabass et al.
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Default Re: Pro Evo 2011

New pro evo gameplay

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Default Re: Pro Evo 2011

Jim Beglin ffs
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Default Re: Pro Evo 2011

PES 2011 Preview Roundup
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Default Re: Pro Evo 2011

looks promising, hard to tell from the vids. be surprised if its better than fifa overall though. ill probably end up getting both.
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Default Re: Pro Evo 2011

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Thumbs down Re: Pro Evo 2011

I gave up on that after a few minutes. You'd think they'd get somebody half decent at the fucking game to give us a look at whats in store instead of the spastic/s playing it on that vid.
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Default Re: Pro Evo 2011

im a pro evo man. so cant wait for it.
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waynes ear's
Default Re: Pro Evo 2011

Originally Posted by marlo
im a pro evo man. so cant wait for it.
explains why you are a fucking cunt
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Default Re: Pro Evo 2011

been playing the beta. as a die hard pes fan its the worst footy game I've ever played and the worst gaming experience of my life. just the biggest most broken piece of shit I have ever put time into. all those people saying its good are just liars who are trying to convince themselves its amazing.

the beta is a piece of shit. they say the demo in a few weeks is much better code and will play loads better. it fucking better cos the defending in the beta is flat out broken.
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