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Originally Posted by Billy Baroo
Screamadelica is one of my all time favorite albums and this Weatherall mix of Come Together is the stand out track for me

We’d been getting into dance music for a few years and taking bumbles and trips. Finally somebody had managed to get down on record in an album all that entailed

They toured the album in ’92, which was the year I finished my A levels and it became the soundtrack for our very own Summer of Love be4fore we all fucked off to college. The day after our final exam we headed down to Glastonbury where they were headlining and basically got high for 4 days straight. My daft indie mates went to see Carter USM instead but I went and saw the Scream and it was fucking unbelievable
When Come Together started up with that incredible Jesse Jackson address from the Watts music festival the whole place went fucking mental. Afterwards I headed back to our tents to meet up with everyone, I was completely off my titties and pretty much danced all the way back in a world of my own with this as the soundtrack in my head. At one point I became aware of people shouting at me and realized I was so out of it I had walked straight through their camp fire and the bottom of my jeans were smouldering and about to catch alight. I’ve often wondered if onlookers realized what I was doing to put them out or whether they though I was doing my very own aggressive dance to no music on my ron todd in the middle of a field

We then went to Ibiza for the first time a month later and you could hear this album being played everywhere, blasting out of apartments and by swimming pools or stuff like Higher Than The Sun at Café Del Mar while we all got stoned at sunset.

I was a "daft indie mate" that festival, my first festival too. Carter were great on the night.. i think i still have a "doh rey me so far so good" sponge ball somewhere. But within 6 months it became and remains a great regret that i wasnt a quarter of a mile away watching Primals instead.

Off tits to Ozrics and Orb and happily losing self and everyone was the highlight of that fest for me. Went back for the next four or five sunny years on the back of it.
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